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Story It all began in the 2nd grade when Evan was seven years old, he joined the school choir and every year they would sing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants game. His music teacher forced him to sing California Dreamin' by the Mama's and Papa's in front of the entire school and eventually suggested to his parents to buy him a drum set and he's has never been the same. Now 28, Evan has been in dozens of bands as a drummer (Midnight Sons, Mystery Flavors, Mendonesia) has written hundreds of songs for himself and co-writes with other songwriters (Drew Southern, Rainbow Girls, Kenny Crowley, Hot Mountain Dips, Mystery Flavors) and is more than ever, gigging and collaborating all around California with all sorts of established musicians and producers on all sorts of stages and studios. His first show as a solo-artist was at the Great American Music Hall (Evan & the Eccentrics) and since has played most of medium-sized venues in the Bay Area including Slims, Brick & Mortar (Headliner), and recently for the 2nd time, The Chapel,  where he was the drummer/back up vocals for Rock & Roll music icon Cyril Jordan (founder of the Flaming Groovies).  His influences are extremely vast but mostly reminiscent of late 60's, early 70's rock and roll, folk, soul type stuff.   Evan Lanam & the Live Oaks, recently released a 7 song E.P. titled, Back Focus, recorded with Mike Carnahan in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.  Evan is currently working on his full length album due out in September with Producer Eric Drew Feldman and Pamela Parker at Hyde Street Studios. 
"Evan and the Live Oaks is a rowdy folk rock and roll outfit from the San Francisco Bay Area. Hailed by some as the “Anderson Paak of folk music,” Lanam fills his band with friends and plays whenever and wherever he can. The band just wrapped a four-show residency at the Boom Boom Room that spanned over a month and a half, and they aren’t slowing down." -Deli Magazine
 Evan Lanam started singing in the 1st grade as a choir boy at St. Matthews Catholic School in San Mateo, California and since has been an active contributor to the San Francisco Bay Area music scenes, playing in numerous bands, usually as a drummer, and back-up vocalist. After hundreds of shows, and years of supporting a variety of amatuer and professional bands, Evan finally started finally his own group, consisting of the original material he has been writing over the years. Lately, the Live Oaks are in full force, and has become Evan's focus, they just got back from their 3rd Nationwide tour where they did 25 shows in 30 days opening up for Tommy Alexander.   
Notable bands Evan has shared a stage with:  Kelly Stoltz, Willy Tea Taylor, Lindi Ortega,
Rainbow Girls, Coffis Brothers, Left Coast Country, Hibbity Dibbity, Tommy Alexander,  Caitlin Jemma,  Missippi Mike,  Cool Ghouls, Natural Child, Erica Sunshine Lee,  Cyral Jordan (Flamin' Groovies), and many, many more. 
Notable stages: Slims, Sweetwater Music Hall, SXSW Official, Great American Music Hall, The Chapel, SOHO (SB), Brick and Mortar and many, many more. 
 The band members slightly change, and lately Evan sings 'most' of the songs from the drums. They just released a a new E.P. they did at Hyde Street, called Hyde Street E.P. with Producer Eric Drew Feldman and Pamela Parker. Check out their first album Back Focus, recorded and mixed by Mark Carnahan below or find it for free HERE. 
"Holy sh%# @evlanam in San Fran last night - filling in for his own drummer, just a hurricane of talent" - Tasha Valdez 
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